Snugo is a Think Tank for Animal Lovers!

Stray dogs, cats, and other animals on the street (also those in the wild) have a tough life.

NGOs & grassroots activists are already working hard to make things better – but what they need is youth power – our talent, skills, passion, and energy.

This is where Snugo comes in – we’re a group of dedicated professionals who believe in using technology, creativity, and collaboration to help the cause.

To begin with, we launched this store which sells quirky merchandise that would appeal to any animal lover. Every month, we donate 100% of the net profits from your purchases to grassroots NGOs who rescue, feed, treat, vaccinate, neuter, and rehome poor animals.

NGOs get the resources they need. You enjoy the satisfaction of helping animals, along with a real token to take home! 

Apart from this store, we also get our hands dirty with many projects & initiatives in tandem with other groups, NGOs, activists, etc. in the field.

Snugo is where the world comes together to think, rethink, and then act on plans to make this world a kinder place for all living beings…

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It all started with one heck of a pawblem…

It’s Manik here. I was badly in school, and found my solace in caring for a stray orphan puppy named Angel. I couldn’t bring her home, but she became my world instantly, as if by fate. 

Angel made me realize that a lot of animals out there need my gifts, so I volunteered at a rescue shelter named “PAL” in Thane. It was here that I met my best friend, Sarvesh, who had the same backstory as mine. We had so much fun together that summer, running around the city, tending to injured & homeless doggos – it was nice to have found a purpose.

But vacations got over, and we lost touch because of college, chasing careers, getting jobs, becoming adults. When we reconnected 5 later, it was clear we’d lost our paths, and so we started looking for a practical way for contributing to the cause again.

That’s when Sarvesh pointed out the tshirt I was wearing, which had Angel’s sketch on it. I’d custom-printed it to serve as a reminder of the good girl.  

Getting the Inspiration

The idea stuck. Everybody loves to shop for quirky, locally made stuff nowadays – it’s in vogue after the COVID-19 pandemic.

So I thought – let’s sell something, too, and use the profits to fuel activities & groups who directly help animals. 

The guys at “Plated Project” are already doing it successfully; they sell hand-painted plates & crockery to feed poor hungry kids. 

So we’re simply applying this proven social entrepreneurship model to the cause of animal rights & welfare. 

Putting thoughts to action

That’s how our little shop was born: a paradise of amazeballs apparels & stationery designed to enthrall anybody who prefers four-legged creatures over bipeds.

The merch is animal-themed for obvious reasons, and we’re sure you’ll love the designs we’ve curated by partnering with local artists (who also receive fair commissions).

So that’s it – Snugo is a simple way of helping animals right from your home, wherever that may be. You’re making a difference with every purchase! 

If you’d like to see the real impact, we invite you to follow our journey on Instagram @heysnugo.

Feel free to contact us at to hear this story in more detail over a cup of masala chai. 


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