Mission Amara for Paws

In August 2022, a group of citizens in Lodha Amara, Kolshet, Thane, banded together to help the stray dogs & cats inhabiting the society in an effort to make their lives better and reduce human-animal conflict.

This page has the highlights of our story & also the profiles of all our furry friends. 

Our group has already had a strong impact: 

  • Sterilized ~70 dogs & 5+ cats with support from the Thane Muncipal Corporation, CPCA Brahmand, STAN, IDA and other NGOs
  • Conducted yearly vaccination drives to protect the animals from major diseases including rabies
  • Created awareness on the need of responsible feeding to keep the animals calm & promote peaceful co-existence
  • Educated kids to become less scared and more empathetic towards animals
  • Met with secretaries of all societies to negotiate peaceful terms for community feeders

We are always available to help animal lovers in Amara or other societies who may be facing any problem. 

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Joy (female)

Joy is a bundle of joy who’s our biggest mischief maker & cutest cuddler ever!


Bandya used to be a rowdy bandit but has now turned to a life of peace & brotherhood after some deep meditation.