Pet-Friendly House Plants for your Indoor Garden

green plant on brown clay pot

As pet parents, our lives shamelessly revolve around pampering our furry babies. We may have made several adjustments in our own household. The goal is to make it comfy and safe for them, whether its a tiny kitten or a big dog.

But did you know that your indoor gardening/house plants may need a thorough check, too? There are some plants that are toxic to pets if directly ingested, or through pollen inhalation, so it’s best to steer clear of the ones we’ve highlighted in another list.

However, there are also safe options that provide the same benefits without the risk. They purify the air, and add a touch of green natural elegance to your overall look.

So let’s check out this list of pet-friendly house plants that are cool to have around your cat or dog. This is in case they go exploring into the wilderness and chew or munch on the leaves.

Many of the plants suggested below should be available at your local gardening shop but if you like to shop online, we suggest checking out Ugaao’s website, which has a special section just for pet-friendly house plants (which actually inspired this list).

Cathelea Prayer

Prayer Plant: Care & Growing Guide

These compact yet full-of-life, brightly painted plants are perfect companions for work-from-home culture. Their elegantly curve-striped leaves act as a premium green background for your video calls or Reels/TikTok shooting adventures!

Not only that, since they love humidity, you can also place one next to your shower or tub, and it’ll soak up all the moisture.

Lucky Bamboo

Interesting Facts about Lucky Bamboo Plant - Ferns N Petals

Ah, glad to know that this gifting plant is safe for our furry friends after all! It’s commonly spotted on office desks as well as TV tables,

The Lucky Bamboo requires very low maintance, thrives without sunlight, and you just need to replace the water every week to keep the roots fresh (and avoid harboring moss or insects).

I think we have a tiny but strong winner here!

Beetel Leaf (Magai Paan)

Full Sun Exposure Betel Leaf Plant, Rs 30 /plant M/S Rahman Enterprise |  ID: 23093052988

This is literally paan, as in not just a leaf but a digestive aid that you can chew on yourself.

The Beetal Leaf is completely safe for cats & dogs. We’re not sure if they’ll dig the acerbic taste like our Dads do, though!

Marigold Flowers

Growing Marigolds – Planting & Caring for Marigold Flowers | Garden Design

These are not just reserved for your temple or spiritual place haha.

Marigold flowers are the brightest & most gorgeous option on this entire list, in my opinion, and thankfully, they’re safe for our pets, too!


Ajwain (Trachyspermum Ammi) - Herb garden,medicinal plant

This is known as the Mexican mint because of its (literally) cool taste, and you’ve probably used it as a mouth freshener or as staple spice in your cooking.

Again, it’s completely safe for cats as well as dogs. Quite affordable, too!

Pony Tail Palm


This is an excellent companion if you’re into curly hair. It’s a small cutie that doesn’t require much sunlight but provides ample benefits with its air filteration properties.

You can keep it on your hand table beside your work desk or sofa.

Polka Dot

Polka Dot Plant Dying? (Here's Why & How To Fix It!)

If you’re looking to go beyond the usual greens, this is a nice alternative with its vibrant splash of purple hues splashed all over the leaves.

It’s also compact, so works well for book stands or shelves on the wall.

Air Plants

How to Grow and Care for Air Plants | Better Homes & Gardens

Air Plants look delicate & premium, but caring for them is a breeze. A few dips of water once every 4-5 days, and you’ll be good to go!

We love the idea of hanging a set of 3 or 5 in nailed pots over a wall, as it adds an air of royalty to the living room (pun intended), and doesn’t even take up much space!


Echeveria Care: Growing Echeveria Succulent Plants

Does your catto often intrude your work by climbing on the desk? If you have an aloe vera or jade pot in the corner, it’s time to find a replacement because both of them are dangerous to animals.

If you’re still keen on having a succulent, the Echeveria plant is a safer alternative that’s also very pleasant to look at when you need a break from all that typing on the laptop.

Spider Plants

Spider Plant | Better Homes & Gardens

Spider Plants are known to be quite resilient, and will probably survive low maintance periods if you’re one to constantly be away from the house.

You cats may be particularly attracted to these as they’re a little bit like catnip.

But they’re completely safe to chew on them, although we cannot vouch for the plant’s safety itself, so best to hang it out of reach!

Boston Fern

How to Grow and Care for Boston Fern Indoors

Boston Fern is a natural humidifier so it’s a nice option if you live up North, or in other areas where the air is dryer.

They’re also reliable in terms of indoor maintaince with low sunlight and watering, although they will require care from time to time like any other living being!

Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus: Indoor Plant Care and Growing Guide

Also aptly known as the Zig Zag cactii, these funky guys love moist air, so you can pop them in your bathroom or shower area.

Another good placement is beside the kitchen window, where they will flourish in any steam & moisture that is generated while cooking.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Plant Care - How to Grow & Maintain Cast Iron Plants | Apartment  Therapy

This is perhaps your cat’s spiritual companion.

It requires minimal attention (in fact, the name is symbolic for how much neglect it can tolerate), requires an occasional grooming session, and ultimately pays off by adding a touch of elegance to your room.

Remind you of anyone else? Meow!

Bamboo Palm

How to Care for an Indoor Bamboo Palm & Cut Its Dying Leaves

If you’re looking for an option that will take up plenty of space and fill the room with its green-ness, look no further!

The Bamboo Palm is a tropical treat that will turn your indoors into a miniature garden with its broad stalks that can grow up to 5 feet tall!

Ideal to keep in your doorway (beside the shoe stand) or in the veranda.


Impatiens | plant genus | Britannica

How could we leave out the flowery bloomers? They’re a gorgeous bunch, and will fill your bedroom with bright hues of pink & purple, as long as they’re regularly watered & maintaned on a monthly basis!


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis - Wikipedia

This is another flowery option, if you’re looking for one. Also known as the Chinese Rose, Hibiscus is generally non-toxic to cats and dogs, and will make your garden come alive with its cheerful colors.

That said, please steer clear from the type known as “Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)” which is pink in color, because it can cause some GI/diarrhoea issues if ingested by dogs are cats.

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant Guide: How to Care for a Zebra Plant - 2021 - MasterClass

The Zebra plant (Haworthia attenuata) gets its charming personality from the horizontally-stripped foliage.

The distinct but diminutive succulent grows in its own time (very slowly). It needs bright light, so you can add it to your window sill or tabletop where a splash of color is needed to fill the white space.

Be careful not to overwater it, though, and keep away from cold breeze.

Like others in the haworthias family, this unique plant is safe for your pets.

Where to Buy?

Here we conclude our list of pet-friendly house plants that will do well around your cats or dogs. Ultimately, we have to balance our need for a natural decor with the obvious priority of our pets’ well-being.

You can shop many of the ones we suggested above on Ugaao, Plants Bazaar, or Paudhshala. These new-age startups deliver across India.

We love Ugaao because it has a special section just dedicated to pet parents. The prices are very affordable, too.

Happy shopping!

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