List of Good Pet Boarding Facilities in India

We all hate it when we have to part from our pets when leaving for work or travel. It’s not just us who is so used to seeing them everyday – even they are prone to get anxious or sad if we go away for more than a day.

You can request a neighbor or friend to look after them for a while, but that may not always be possible depending on the availability or comfort of the person.

So in such times, choosing a good pet boarding facility is paramount. Pet boarding facilities are also called “pet daycare/petsetting centers,” “pet resorts & hotels,” or “pet lounges.”

What to look out for

For choosing the best facility to keep your furry ompanion, consider the following factors, and only go with the provider who can fulfill all these basic needs:

  • The entire place should be spotlessly clean, hygenic, and free of pests. Regular sanitization should be done & there must be a strict timetable for cleaning the facility every day
  • Any pet fluids (or other biohazards) must be cleaned & safely discarded immediately
  • There should not be any strong foul or rotting smell
  • It should be spacious & not like a windowless caged kennel otherwise your furkid would get claustrophobic or anxious
  • There should be an emergency vet or medical expert present full-time or at least nearby on call, in case something goes wrong
  • The team should have proper nutritional & medical knowledge so that they don’t end up spoiling your pets’ appetite or feeding them something harmful
  • The team should have 5+ years of experience handling pets with care & compassion
  • There should be daily walking & group play activities conducted so that your pet doesn’t get lazy, tired, and lonely
  • The trainers or walkers should know how to manage/command animals in an empathetic & non-violent way without using any physical intimidation or wrongful tactics
  • The staff should be trained in having a cool & calm mind when dealing with aggression or emergency scenarios
  • There should not be any negative or shady reviews about the facility on Google or social media (do you background checks)
  • You should ideally get to talk to 2-3 previous pet owners who have used the facility (check if they can provided references or testimonials)
  • The facility should have all the proper business documents, legal authorization from the colony/building to host pets, and proof of business registration (GSTIN number)
  • They should have therapists & masseurs, too, if your pet has bone or walking problems. A swimming pool can be a nice place to get some hydrotherapy that’s easy on the knees/paws – so ask if they’ve got one
  • In the world of online Zoom meetings, there should be a live cam or at least frequent video calling facility so that you can check in on the animals any time you like
  • Daily reports should be given on what was fed to your pet, how was their recent behavior & response, and whether they’re interacting amicably with other animals

For the convinience of pet parents, we have compiled a list of boarding facilities in each of India’s major cities.

These have been curated based on online reviews, experience in the field, range of services, and social presence. But we still urge you to visit them physically twice (once with a booking, and then as a surpise visit) just to ensure this is the right place to board your pet.

Preview the database below, or click this link to view the whole list.

You’ll have to use the filter (Filter by > Service > Pet Boarding) because is actually part of our Master Database for all pet service providers across the globe: from pet taxis to certified therapists & vets, and from spiritual mediums for finding lost pets to grooming & spas for your companion animals.

Database of Pet Boarding Facilities

If none of the facilities on the list are available, or if they don’t meet your requirements, you can get more leads by visiting PetBacker, which is a special site dedicated to helping you find vetted & trust-worthy pet sitters in your city/near your locarion.

According to the Petbacker website, only 30% of the pet sitting service applicants are accepted into the directory, so the quality standards seem to be strict & superior. You can also surf the past performance & read reviews from previous customers on each pet sitter’s profile, so that’ll help you take a better call.

Furthermore, you also get pet insurance & guarantees for your pet’s safety, which is a big relief for parents. The payment & communications can be done via the site, too.


english cocker spaniel puppy sitting on ground beside grass

Have you already tried any of the pet boarding facilities mentioned above? How was your experience? Did we miss any good names that should be added on this list immediately? Comment your take below!

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