Underrated Online Stores for Pet Parents & Pets

Many pet owners treat their furry companions as members of the family. So it follows that they will pamper the doggos/catoes with lots of new treats, toys, and fun items or experiences like spa, grooming, and travels.

While one can shop for the usual stuff on Amazon, there are some cool underrated stores that curate or create special items for pets & their humans. And we can give you loads of reasons to give them a try

  • These businesses are homegrown in India so you end up supporting local businesses & small entrepreneurs who put their hearts into it
  • The quality of products is considerably higher because it’s not as commercial or mass-produced, so you’ll find healthier and more sustainable items
  • The Customer Support is also great because the small brands depend on their loyal patrons, so they strive to give you the best experience possible
  • The items listed in these stores are often unique & niche so you won’t find them anywhere else, which makes for the perfect gifts!

So whether you’re exploring for yourself, or a friend who has an animal in their home, here are our top picks (updated as of March 2022)!


Poochmate is a niche store that focuses on producing sustainable cotton accessories just for pet dogs. Their primary catalog includes dog jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, bed blankets, and relaxing cotton beds for the pooches.

I love their growing list of products, which falls into these categories:

  • Walk (shoes & socks, harnesses, tags, collars)
  • Play (plush toys, baskets, rope & rubber toys)
  • Dine (bowls & feeders, treats, food mats)
  • Grooming (conditioners, shampoos, perfumes, wipes & towels)

Their Founder Preeti assures, “We use cotton, aesthetically designed prints, to enable you to truly make your dog feel like family! Our products are design-driven, stylish, durable, and easy to maintain.”

She started the store in 2009 because she couldn’t find good products for her cutie lab, Bosco. It has since blossomed into one of India’s largest dog accessories stores.

Visit their website, or follow them on Instagram @poochmate_india.

Curious Cat Company

Cats are hard to love because they don’t wear their emotions on their snoots unlike dogs. But once you get to know them, you might just like the cool & relaxed vibe that they offer.

For all the cat lovers out there, CCC is nothing short of heaven. It was started during the pandemic by a founder who wanted to share her love for cats with the world.

The store, which runs on Shopify, has adorable cat-themed merch for humans, including tees, hoodies, mugs, masks, earrings, jewelry, stationery, wall art, etc.

They also have products for the felines such as beds & caves, fabric collars, name tags, carriers & bags, natural grooming products, and cat treats.

Visit their store, or follow them on Instagram @curiouscat_co.

Zoof Pets

Pet owners share some common problems, and paw care seems to be one of the biggest concerns. The co-founders of Zoof Pets discovered this in their research and decided to build products that are comfortable, convenient, and safe for the animals.

This led to a line of products that includes walking boots, water-resistant outdoor plops, indoor grip shoes to prevent hip dysplasia, and lick-safe wax balm to soothe dryness, cuts, and wounds.

They have an “ethnic/traditional fashion” session that I really love, because it contains cute Indian wear for desi dogs, which will come in handy during Diwali, Holi, or wedding seasons!

Find out more on their store, or give them a follow on the gram @zoofpets.india

Captain Zack

Captain Zack was started by Mohit Lalvani in 2016, who was unable to find a good shampoo and conditioner for his beautiful pup Zack, who had sensitive skin.

So after launching their natural grooming lineup to tackle the original problem, they entered the nutrition segment, too, featuring wholesome & nutritious treats.

I love that they have special categories/sections for each of your concerns, such as:

  • Itching
  • Odour
  • Digestion
  • Picky Eater
  • Ticks & fleas
  • Dry Skin
  • Dry Paws
  • Anxiety
  • Immunity
  • Low Energy

This bifercuation makes finding the right products very easy depending on your needs.

They’ve also blossomed into other wellness & lifestyle products, becoming one of the most well-rounded pet care startups in India that has superior quality & focus on the well-being of your companions.

Talking about ethics, they also contribute directly to the We Love Animal Foundation in Mumbai (Worli), which was also started by Lalvani & his family. So your purchases help to raise funds for stray animal care, rescue, rehab, and adoption.

Perhaps, this was Mohit Sir’s goal all along…

Visit their store or follow them on Insta @capt.zack_india.

Draw My Pet

If you want to gift something truly memorable & timeless to a dog/cat owner, why not give them a personalized portrait picture to hang on their wall/keep on their bedside/desks.

Draw My Pet specialises in this kind of thing! For just 1600, you can get 9×12 inches portrait done, against any background. There’s also a bigger 12×18 option, and you can choose whether you want just the pet or the human in the portrait, too.

The portrait itself comes already framed against the background color of your choice, and is delivered within 15 days.

Don’t worry about the packaging. They triple-wrap your portrait in special industrial bubble wrap, use thick corrugated shipping boxes, and instead of fragile glass, use modern PVC which is much stronger and easier to clean.

Hundreds of customers have loved this service so far, looking from the reviews on their site & social media, so you can take their word for it!

Visit their store to place your order, or watch some of the finest art work on Insta @drawmypet.india

Soul & Peace

Let’s turn our focus to the hoomans for a minute – after all, they need some love, too. If you know someone who thinks of dogs/cats all the time, then you can consider giving them something animal-themed like a tshirt or a hoodie. Provided you got the right size, it’ll put a smile on their face.

We know just the store for such items. Check out the “Dog Love” & “Cat Love” sections on Soul & Peace. They don’t specialize in these two categories, and have many other fashion products (for humans, this time), but these two sections should serve your purpose!

The tees I love have quirky phrases, bright colors, and good designs. My favorite ones are:

  • Easily Distracted by Dogs
  • Who said love can’t be furry
  • I’m only talking to my Dog today
  • Cat Dad/Mom
  • Crazy Cat Lady

Visit their store here.

Mutt of Course

Just like Poochmate, Mutt of Course is a good destination for dog accessories. Their collection features waterproof & windproof blankets, which can come in handy if you regularly take your pet for trekking, hiking, natural trails, or other outdoor activities.

They have cute “pupperoni-themed” harnesses, collars, and leashes – all of which dry quickly, so that’s a relief for the rainy season.

If your mutt’s birthday is coming soon, you can check out the bows & bandanas, which will make the perfect outfit for the party (please invite us)

Visit their store, or stalk them on Insta @muttofcourse.


As the name suggests, Pawsh is a premium grooming care brand for your furry kids. Their safe & sustainable range includes:

They are vet-approved & committed to creating natural products that are packed with essential oils. The manufacturing is done in a GMP Certified, ISO certified facility in India itself.

The team is a subset brand of the highly reputed label “Urban Essentials” which seeks to provide new age, eco friendly, skin friendly health and hygiene solutions to the modern conscious India.

So given their expertise in sustainable grooming products, we’re confident that you can buy anything on the site without a second thought.

Visit their store, or give them a follow on Instagram @pawshforpets.

Conclusion: Don’t forget Snugo

We wanted to put our name first up there, but we don’t want to steal the show from our friends at the other brands. We don’t really see them as competitors but rather partners in the same community of animal lovers! So we let them have this post.

That said, we can’t sign off without reminding you that Snugo is growing to become the world’s biggest destination for animal-themed products & experiences. So do give our shop a visit, too, because if you’ve read this post so far, we know for sure that you’re one of us already!

BTW, did we miss any cool brands that should be on the list? Have you tried shopping from any of our pics? If yes, how was your experience. Let’s talk in the comments below!

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