Best Movies for Animal Lover or Pet Owners

Movies about animals somehow always manage to hit the right spots. They’re a safe option whether you’re planning an intimate Netflix night with a partner (who also happens to have a pooch), or you just want to enjoy a good time with your kids/family.

Here are my top picks for some high-quality landmark films in this genre. Beware, they’ll leave you sobbing & yearning for a furry companion (if you don’t already have one to hug right away).

You can stream them on popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max. Or you can download the torrent files through these websites:

1. Isle of Dogs

By Wes Anderson (2018)

This is perhaps my favorite animated film of all time. It’s so beautifully crafted with a dry sense of humor, and lovable characters. The story centers around a young boy who rebels against his government to bring justice to dogs abandoned on a remote island.

Yes, it’s as whacky as it sounds, and has layers of social commentary that make you think long after you’re done watching.

Stream it on Disney+ Hotstar.

2. Marley & Me

By David Frankel (2008)

No film captures the journey of a pet owner quite like Marley & Me. The story tracks the entire life of a happily married couple who adopt a hyper-active yet lovable Golden Retriever puppy.

We know what’s coming in the end, but we still can’t control our tears, no matter how many times we watch.

Stream on Prime Video.

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

By Lasse Hallström (2010)

A professor finds an abandoned Shiba Inu dog & takes him home. Over a period of time, he forms an unbreakable bond with the dog. This film is based on a true story and gets extremely emotional in the end.

It pays a tribute to the loyalty & friendship that dogs bring in our lives, two of their best qualities no other being on this planet can ever manage to rival.

Steam on Prime Video.

4. Okja

Bong Joon-ho (2017)

This one was directed by the famous Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who won the Academy Award for his thriller “Parasite.”

Okja is a dramatized social commentary on veganism. It’s a strong statement on the effects & ethics on industrialization or commercialization of farm animals.

This is one film every activist should definitely watch because it creatively delivers the message in an unpatronizing tone.

Stream on Netflix.

5. A Dog’s Purpose

By Lasse Hallström (2017)

Losing a pet is never an easy experience. But this film gives us some hope that our furry companions never actually go away. They cross the rainbow bridge & then come right back in different forms to spread love to more human beings!

Do watch this film if you need some comfort after a painful watch. It also has a sequel titled “A Dog’s Journey,” which is just as enduring as the debut.

Stream on Sony Liv.

6. Dolphin Tale

By Charles Martin Smith (2011)

This is a feel-good, kid-engineered story that teaches us the power of believing in your friends.

It focuses on the bond between Winter, an injured dolphin, and a sweet boy at the Marine Center who refuses to give up on her.

If you’ve dreamt of diving with the smart dolphins but are stuck with other priorities right now, this is the closest you can get to those fin-tastic beauties.

Stream on Prime Video.

7. Chillar Party

By Nitesh Tiwari, Vikas Bahl (2011)

Tensions between stray dogs & residents in India are increasing, no thanks to the lax population control measures by local authorities.

There is a need to sensitize humans towards these community animals by conveying that they deserve to be treated with love & respect.

So why not arrange a film screening in your locality as a fundraiser for feeding, neutering, or vaccinating your colony’s street dogs? It’ll be a good community initiative that can initiate a positive/productive conversation.

If you’re wondering which story is appropriate for the occasion, we have just the right idea. Chillar Party features a lovable cast of debut child actors who gang up to bring justice for their dog, Bhidu. It’s an inspiring tale of real-life bravery & kindness.

Stream on Netflix.

8. Bolt

By Byron Howard, Chris Williams (2008)

Ever wondered how dogs perceive their pet owners? This film puts you in the paws of your furry companion, quite literally, by tracking the journey of a displaced dog Bolt, who must do everything in his power to save his owner from the clutches of an evil mastermind.

It’s a cute yet adventurous animated film that I’ll come back to every year.

Stream on Disney+ Hotstar.


So that concludes our list of movies that every animal lover or pet owner can watch anytime. Have you watched any of the titles suggested above? Which ones did you like? BTW, did I miss any good picks that should be on this list?

Let’s talk in the comments below. Here’s wishing you & your loved ones a fun movie night ahead…

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